About Us

I started working in Saudi Arabia back in 1990. I concentrated my efforts on founding a specialized corporate in the field of supply and cooked/non-cooked nourishment. Under the name of Majed El Baqmy and associates limited Co. our corporate focused on targeting specific sectors, most important are; Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Aviation with all of their sectors at KSA, along with ground forces, air forces and border guards as well as Ministry of Health all around the kingdom.

Furthermore, contracts not less than 500,000,000 SR were made in long continues terms up till now under my management as CEO, so I’ve decided to use my long proven professional expertise of more than 20 years in nourishment field in order to construct my own investment in my beloved country, Egypt in the field of restaurants and cafes , on which I’m going to invest around 2-3 million EGP per branch during the upcoming 3 or 5 years through a chain of restaurants and cafes belonging to Al Radwan corporate for restaurants and cafes operations and management.